Initial Ideas

Idea – to represent a fairytale or fairy tales in a different light to their original meaning. Creating contrast in fiction.

For such an idea will involve a lot of shoots that are planned to get a grasp on the formal qualities needed, lots of editing and image manipulation and research.

To develop this idea and achieve a high standard image or images I will need to increase my time management skills and plan my time effectively.

Images that I have come across which have influenced ideas:
(image annotations and references can be found contained within each image) 

I like how the dark wolf hovers over red riding hood like a dark spirit – encouraging her ‘innocent/weak’ reputation by placing her low in the frame.

By choosing to have an adult play the role of red riding hood in this image creates an immediate contrast with the original fairytale story. The make up and eye contact made with the camera helps create a dark and Gothic feel to the image.

This contrasting image from the story Alice in wonder land i find is very striking due to the use of a dark palette, gothic style makeup and the deliberate change of the words on the bottle: from the words ‘drink me’ to ‘love me’ creates an emotional image aided by the tear trail like pattern represented by her eye makeup.

A striking image of the mad hatter from the story alice in wonderland is a personal favorite image I have admired for a while. The use of dark colours and cold blues instantly create a creepy yet beautiful piece. The over exaggerated Gothic make up and model’s position creates an unnatural dream like feel.


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