Sketches And Ideas

I started exploring ideas by sketching what ideas came to mind and annotating them. This first sketch is in representation to the fairytale – Red Riding Hood. I like this idea and the idea of what the final image would look like, but I would like to explore more possible fairytale ideas.

This sketch represents the fairytale – Alice In Wonderland and I chose to sketch the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party scene because of significance to the story and because it is well known. I really like this idea and think that due to this I have chosen Alice In Wonderland as my fairytale to create a contrasting representation image.
Now I have chosen this aspect I can now go ahead and write some ideas down for the shoot itself.

I started planning by writing down the ways in which I can approach the creation of my image(s). However I’m not sure which one will be more striking and generate the effects I want. So my next step would be to look at other means of photography and work that obtain similar ideas to my own and explore what traits I would need to accomplish to create a justifiable image(s) which will meet the standards of my idea.


2 thoughts on “Sketches And Ideas

  1. Wow, I’m liking your ideas and would love to see the final result. =)
    I’m deffinately liking the idea of using the same model?? That would make the image appear more like a dream.
    Good Luck 🙂

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