Paula Rego

As planned I have taken a step into some research by starting to look at the works of Paula Rego.

The reason Paula Rego caught my attention is because she takes fairytales such as Alice in Wonderland and Snow white and paints scenes with an added ‘twist’. – which is an aim I hope to accomplish.

“Here, in¬†Swallows the Poisoned Apple, Snow White has collapsed from her modern armchair and has been painted as if she is a middle-aged woman instead of a young girl. Rego shows the fairy tale, but in a modern, suburban setting.”

Although this is not 100% what I would like to base my work on or revolve my ideas around – i still feel i can take some inspiration from this. Paula Rego includes some modern traits in her work; especially this piece with the modern setting but I would like to include a modern twist with my choice of costumes and sexual/provocative traits found in female sitters in modern advertising. This will help take away the innocent qualities delivered in fairytales and is directed for a more mature audience.


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