Image Ideas

This image was found on DeviantArt and represents in some aspects what I would like to achieve. For example I would like the image scenery to be placed outside in a forest someplace. And I would like to create an image obtaining more than one character from the story. However my version of the image will be much darker and demonic and have a more seductive atmosphere about it.
If I go for the idea where all the characters are posed by the same sitter/model – I would need to take the images of the model/sitter seperately and then combine the models to the scenery image using Photoshop editing.
There are two ways which I could do this:

  1. I could use a white background to take the images of the model/sitter so that selecting her would be easier but yet the lighting elements will correspond to the natural lighting of the forest scenery. – Studio lighting will create a different effect upon the model than natural lighting. This would make the image look clearly edited which is what I do not want. I would like the image to look as if it was taken.
  2. I could place the camera on a tripod ready to shoot the scenery and shoot the model/sitter in each costume and different position around the tea party table and then use the marsk techniques in Photoshop to merge them together. – I feel this way of doing things will improve my Photoshop techniques slightly more than the first idea.I feel I should perhaps try both, and see which way is more effective and is better for the over all image.

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